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Could the Death Star exist?

Could the Death Star exist?

Although generating enough metal to build a Death Star would be “bonkers,” technically speaking, it would be possible, Peck said. But there would need to be a huge space industry infrastructure to support it, including the ability to launch many more rockets than we can today, and asteroid mining.

How much would it cost to build a Death Star?

Together, construction and launch of a small death star to low Earth orbit would cost around $1,370,000,000,000,000,000,000. A larger Death Star, like that seen in more recent Star Wars movies, would cost significantly more.

How long would it take to make a Death Star in real life?

Creating and transporting the steel required, they also note, could take as long as 860,000 years and would likely leave the planet so polluted that everyone on Earth would have no choice but to fight for a spot onboard the spacecraft.

What if you could build a Death Star?

It would take millions of rocket launches to get the steel where it needed to go. By the time the Death Star was finished, this might make the atmosphere so polluted that we’d be forced to move away from Earth to another planet. You could start building outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Who owns the Death Star?

Darth Sidious later ordered the Death Star’s construction after the Galactic Empire was formed, in order to secure his new-formed absolute power. Wilhuff Tarkin was appointed to mastermind the secret development project, though other stories have it that Raith Sienar was the superweapon’s creator.

Can we build a Star Destroyer?

Can we build a star destroyer? – Quora. Short answer, no. Long answer, there are several key components to a Star Destroyer, or any capital ship for that matter, that we simply do not have the technology to make.

How many floors did the Death Star have?

The Death Star was said to comprise eighty-four separate internal levels, stacked south to north. Each level was separated into 257 sub-levels. A nominal number of sub-levels were then to be stacked around the surface of the sphere, encompassing the inner stacked levels.

How much would it cost to build the Millennium Falcon?

While its calculations are undoubtedly far less scientific than the Death Star study, the U.K. website Twizzle has determined it would cost $2,474,132,337 to build and operate the Millennium Falcon. That’s $2.47 billion.

Can the Death Star jump to hyperspace?

The Death Star has sublight and hyperdrive engines. The sublight engines are what allow it to move within star systems. The hyperdrive lets it travel through hyper space and travel between systems.

What is a star of death edible?

Though the name sounds unique, exciting and even intimidating to some, Stars of death edible are little more than heavily infused cannabis oil edibles that can range anywhere from 100mg all the way up to 1000mg of THC.

Is it possible to build a Death Star in space?

Rocket launches to send all that metal and other building materials to space would “pollute the atmosphere to the point that anyone left who could use the Death Star would have to live on it — Earth would be uninhabitable,” Pyle said.

How does the Death Star work in real life?

The Death Star uses a convergence of laser beams to destroy planets. The real-world feasibility of such a device is suspect. (Image credit:

Can a Death Star destroy a planet like Jupiter?

To destroy a planet like Jupiter, all power from essential systems and life support (no re-routing from the auxiliary EPS conduits – that’s a Star Trek hack!) would be required, which is not necessarily possible. Boulderstone’s conclusion is that the Death Star could indeed destroy Earth-like planets,…

Is the Death Star from Star Wars real?

(Image: © Film Frame ILM/Lucasfilm.© 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.) One of the most infamous weapons in science-fiction movie history is the Death Star, a moon-size planet destroyer from the “Star Wars” universe.