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Did Mary Wigman have a dance company?

Did Mary Wigman have a dance company?

Mary Wigman toured the United States in 1930 with her company of dancers, as well as 1931 and 1933. A school was founded by her disciples in New York City in 1931. Her style of movement and training was even utilized in German public schools.

Who was Mary Wigman a student of?

Emile Jacques-Dalcroze
Born into a comfortably bourgeois family in 1986, Wigman didn’t begin formal training until she was 24, but after just three years studying the rhythmic gymnastic system of Emile Jacques-Dalcroze, and working with Rudolf Laban, Wigman created her first solo Witch Dance.

Why is Mary Wigman important?

Mary Wigman, original name Marie Wiegmann, (born November 13, 1886, Hanover, Germany—died September 18, 1973, West Berlin), German dancer, a pioneer of the modern expressive dance as developed in central Europe. Her impact on dance throughout central Europe changed the course of dance history.

When was Mary Wigman born?

13 November 1886
Mary Wigman/Date of birth

Born 13 November 1886 in Hanover, Germany. Died 18 September 1973 in West Berlin, Germany. German modern dance pioneer Mary Wigman had little formal dance training before she attended the Dalcroze School at the age of twenty-three.

Why did Mary Wigman wear a mask?

Mary Wigman was a German modern dance pioneer, who was a member of the Ausdrukstanz movement. Wigman used the mask because she wanted a vehicle to express her emotions and themes. The mask provided a blank slate that allowed for complete transference of her inner emotions onto the mask.

How did Mary Wigman change dance?

Mary Wigman was a radical modern dance pioneer who rejected formalized technique and instead focused on expression of emotion. The use of dance improvisation as a tool for movement development has its roots in her work, as does Tanztheater, best exemplified today by the work of the late Pina Bausch.