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Does my homeowners insurance cover sinkholes?

Does my homeowners insurance cover sinkholes?

No, standard homeowners insurance will not cover damage related to earth movement, including sinkholes, landslides, and earthquakes. If you’re worried about sinkhole activity in your area, you may be able to add optional sinkhole coverage to your policy for an additional cost.

How much does it cost to fix a sinkhole?

A small sinkhole with minimal damage to the structure may cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. However, sinkholes that cause extensive damage and need a significant amount of work to repair or revive the structure, may be much pricier, costing anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000, or more.

What to do if you have a sinkhole in your backyard?

Tips for Filling in the Sinkhole

  1. Clean the area.
  2. Try to determine the extent of the hole by careful excavation and probing.
  3. Incrementally fill the depression with fill soil that has a high amount of clay and low amount of sand.
  4. Continue this process until the depression is filled in.

What are the warning signs of a sinkhole?

Some of the warning signs that can signify that there is a sinkhole include structural cracks in floors and walls, windows and doors that do not close properly and cloudy or muddy well water.

Can you fix a sinkhole?

Sinkholes may occur along outside walls or in the lawn or garden. They can have various shapes and sizes and can grow or deepen either slowly or rapidly. In many cases, sinkholes can be repaired by the homeowner. Before any remediation work is done, the extent and cause of the sinkhole should be determined.

How do you know if your house is on a sinkhole?

What are common sinkhole signs to be aware of?

  1. Cracks in the walls.
  2. Cracks around the door or window frames.
  3. Cracks in the floor or pavement.
  4. Cracks in and around the pool area.
  5. Cracks in the foundation or the structure separating from the foundation.
  6. Not being able to close doors and windows correctly.

What kind of insurance do I need for a sinkhole?

Are Sinkholes Covered by Insurance? Homeowners insurance, by definition, is designed to cover the labor costs for home repairs. As such, homeowners policies protect against perils that may occur at or above ground level, such as fires, vandalism, hail and fallen trees.

How much do you have to pay for sinkhole inspection?

Also, the homeowner will be required to pay around $150 upfront for the inspection. Should you get sinkhole coverage, you will need to pay about $100 per year aside from the homeowner’s insurance policy. What is catastrophic ground collapse coverage?

What should I do if I have a sinkhole on my property?

Notify your insurance company immediately. Inform them about the damage to your property. The insurance company will perform geological testing by sending a geologist in your area to establish the cause of the damage. If the testing confirms that the damage was caused by a sinkhole, your insurance company should pay for the testing and repairs.

Is the ground below covered by homeowners insurance?

Since homeowners insurance strictly covers the structure of the home itself and not the ground on which the home sits, hazards that originate from the ground below are generally excluded from homeowners insurance coverage. Consequently, most homeowners policies exclude damages caused by earthquakes and sinkholes.