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How did Jeremy Geffen die?

How did Jeremy Geffen die?

Drug overdose
Jeremy Geffen/Cause of death
Jeremy Geffen — a music executive who was also close friends with Scott Disick — died of an accidental overdose, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has ruled.

What religion is David Geffen?

David Geffen is the founder of record labels Asylum Records, Geffen Records and DGC Records, as well as film studio DreamWorks. Born to Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn, Geffen started his career in the mailroom of talent agency William Morris, where he rose to become an agent.

How old is David Geffen?

78 years (February 21, 1943)
David Geffen/Age

What is a Geffen?

Geffen is a boy’s name meaning “vine” that comes from the Hebrew name Gefen.

How did David Geffen get so rich?

Geffen ran the label until December 1975, when he became vice chairman of Warner Brothers film studio. Geffen’s 10 million shares of MCA stock was worth $700 million. ($1.3 billion in today’s dollars). The MCA money plus his real estate, art collection, and other assets made him an overnight billionaire.

Who does Geffen Records represent?

Over the years since its conception, the venerable label has signed and released recordings from many major artists such as Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Enya, Cher, Guns N’ Roses, Tesla, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Aerosmith, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Donna Summer, and more recently Nirvana, Weezer, Mary J.

Does Geffen Records still exist?

Now, after many years away, Geffen Records is officially back in business. The company announced its resurrection via Billboard this morning, revealing a new leader and what already feels like a renewed energy. Over the years, Geffen has been home to many great artists from a wide array of genres.

Where did David Geffen live as a child?

David Geffen was born in Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York, to Abraham and Batya Geffen. He has an older brother Mitchell. Although his grades in school were generally poor, he credits his shopkeeper mother with teaching him his business skills, especially since his father died when Geffen was 16.

When did David Geffen and Steve Antin break up?

Maybe Geffen’s sexuality as gay was the reason for their separation. Then after, he began dating an American actor Steve Antin in 1989. Sadly, their relationship lasted for only a year as they broke up in 1990. In 1996, David was briefly hooked up with an actress Marlo Thomas, which lasted for only a few years.

How did Joni Mitchell and David Geffen meet?

Joni Mitchell and Geffen were close friends and, in the early 1970s, made a trip to Paris with Robbie Robertson and Robertson’s wife, Dominique. As a result of that trip, Mitchell wrote “Free Man in Paris” about Geffen.

How did David Geffen come up with the name Asylum?

Geffen co-founded Asylum Records in 1971 with Elliot Roberts after Geffen was unable to get Jackson Browne a record deal anywhere else. The name Asylum was chosen because of the owners’ reputations for signing artists who would struggle to find a record company that would contract with them.