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How do you unlock a Maytag commercial washer?

How do you unlock a Maytag commercial washer?

How do I unlock my Maytag washer?

  1. To unlock the controls, press and hold the CYCLE END SIGNAL for 3 deliberate seconds or until the control lock light goes out.
  2. Press the “Drain and Spin” button on the washer’s control panel to attempt to unlock the machine.

Why is my Maytag washer not locking?

The door lock can fail either mechanically or electrically. Inspect the door lock for damage. If the door lock is damaged or does not latch properly, replace it. To determine if the door lock has failed electrically, use a multimeter to test each of the door lock switches for continuity.

How do you force a washing machine to unlock?

Opening a Manual Lock. Turn the washing machine off and unplug it. If you’re in the middle of a cycle, turn the dial or press the button to pause or end the cycle. Wait 5-6 seconds to see if the door unlocks.

How do you reset the error code on a Maytag washer?

How do you clear the codes on a Maytag Bravos washer?

  1. Unplug the washer for 1 minute from the electrical outlet.
  2. Plug the washer back in and lift and lower the lid 6 times within a 12 second period.
  3. The motor has now been reset and is ready for you to start a cycle.

How dO I reset my washing machine?

To reset your washing machine, unplug it from the power outlet. Then, plug the washer cord back into the wall. Finally, open and close the washing machine door six times to send the reset signal to the system components.

How do you reset the code on a Maytag washer?

To remove the code, press pause or cancel button twice and the power button once. If the code is still displayed, unplug the washer or disconnect the power for one minute. Items were detected in the washer during the Clean Washer cycle. Remove items from the drum and restart the Clean Washer cycle.

Why is my Maytag washer not agitating?

If your washer won’t agitate but spins, a broken agitator may be to blame. The output shaft of the transmission is splined to the agitator to secure it in place. Over time, some of the components of the agitator can wear down or break with normal usage, causing your washing machine not agitating issue.

How do I get my Maytag washer unstuck?

Soaking it in WD40 is a good idea but there are other products such as “Rust Buster” that are specifically designed to loosen rusted stuck bolts. Tapping the bolt with a hammer might help to loosen it. If the bolt won’t turn even with a bigger hammer then you will most likely have to damage the agitator to get it off.

How can I Reset my Maytag washing machine?

Just reset the machine and get your washer back in working condition. A simple power ON/OFF can reset your machine. Follow our detailed guidelines on how to reset Maytag commercial washer and bring your unit back to track again. Firstly, Press the Power switch Off in your washer. Secondly, Unplug your washer from the wall electric outlet panel.

How do you reset a programmable washing machine?

Programmable Washing Machine. Press the power button to restart the washer. In other cases, if the machine has a “Cancel” button, push it to clear the error and then push the “Pause” or “Stop” button to reset it. Consult the handbook for the washing machine for the correct procedure that applies to your model.

Why is my Maytag washer not working properly?

In addition to a number of heat and tumbling settings, many Maytag washers also have digital displays that indicate the minutes left on a washing cycle, which settings you have chosen and error messages. If an error message causes your Maytag washer to not run properly, reset the washer to clear the error message.

How does a reset button work on a washing machine?

Certain programmable washers have a reset function. This function clears an unintentional “Delay Start” command and resets controls in the case of a program error when the machine won’t start. The method of resetting varies by make and model. In certain models, turn the knob to reset with the power button “Off.”.