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How important does a reception area in a hotel?

How important does a reception area in a hotel?

Reception is the art of receiving. Welcoming entrances and reception areas provide the best guidance for a Hotel guest on “what to expect”. The Front Desk at a Hotel creates the first and the last impressions in their minds. An efficient and friendly welcome from Reception staff can make all the difference.

How can I improve my reception area?

How do you maintain a reception area?

  1. Keep your reception space visually clean.
  2. Maintain organization on the reception desk.
  3. Keep a clear pathway for foot traffic.
  4. Offer beverages of some kind.
  5. Keep televisions muted and music to background level volume.
  6. Avoid strong room fresheners as not everyone enjoys these scents.

How should a reception area look like?

A well thought-out layout – The reception area should be clean and uncluttered, with furnishings spaced so that visitors are not crowded together but close enough to create a welcoming environment. Position the reception desk to face the front door, but far enough so it doesn’t act as a barrier to the space.

How can I make my reception area more welcoming?

Lighting your reception area Streams of natural light are more welcoming and easier on the eyes, so organize any accessories in a manner that maximizes the natural light in your reception space. Choose soft light bulbs that mimic daylight, give a natural feel, and look appealing in your reception area.

What should be in a reception area?

5 Things Every Office Reception Area Should Have for Optimal Visitor Comfort

  • A Great Reception Desk. The most important aspect of any reception is the reception desk.
  • Warm And Welcoming Employees.
  • Comfortable Seating.
  • Beautiful Design Work.
  • Additional Accessories.

What makes a good office reception area?

How do you manage reception area?

Why is the reception area important to a business?

Just as a face represents a person, the reception area represents an office or a business. And just as we form an opinion by looking at the person (usually the face), most visitors similarly form an opinion about the business and how it is doing by looking at the reception area.

Why is it important to have a reception desk?

So if you have an office to decorate, a smart and a stylish reception desk is what you need. But the importance of reception desks goes beyond just beautifying the area. These desks must have utility too, because this is where the front office department of the business is going to be located.

What to look for in a reception area?

Visitors should be able to walk in, look around and right away understand what this company does. The reception area needed to be welcoming, but also emanate creativity by being interesting and surprising. For example with cool blues on the walls and a mint-green countertop that curves inward, welcoming visitors.

What should be the first impression of a reception area?

A reception area should give visitors a positive first impression and send the right message about your company. It’s also a space employees walk through every day and should set the tone for the work day.