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How many inches are between French pleats?

How many inches are between French pleats?

French pleats are three-fingered pinch pleats; each finger typically uses 2 inches of fabric, but the style of the window treatment, the type of fabric and the mood of the room dictates the fullness and amount of fabric required.

How do I calculate how much fabric I need for pleated curtains?

Carolina Custom Draperies notes that you should multiply the total width by 2.5 and record the result. This allows for the proper amount of fullness for the pleated drapes. For example, if the total width is 84 inches, multiply 84 by 2.5 to get 210 inches, the calculated fabric width.

How do you measure for double pleat curtains?

To calculate the number of fabric widths required to make your curtains:

  1. Multiply Pole Length by Fullness Ratio.
  2. Divide this figure by the Fabric Width.
  3. Round the result up or down to the nearest whole number*.
  4. This whole number is the number of widths you require to make your curtains.

How wide should pinch pleat curtains be?

Heading Styles and Curtain Fullness – A pinch pleat curtain requires more fabric to sew in the pleats as it gathers up tighter. As such you will require 2.5x the track width or 150% fullness. Standard window curtains you will use the guide above to decide on the amount of fabric.

How do you calculate French pleats?

Multiply the number of widths by the cutting length. In the example, the width of 188 inches divided by 54 inches equals approximately 3.5 widths. Multiply 3.5 by the cutting length to give you the amount of fabric in inches. Divide this value in inches by 36 inches to calculate the yardage.

How many pleats do you need for curtains?

The amount of fabric for the pleats themselves should be between 6″ and 8″ (15 and 20cms). To begin with, allow 4 pleats per width of fabric, assuming standard fabric width of 54″ (137cms).

How much extra fabric do I need for pleats?

So, to create a 1”pleat, you’ll need 3” of fabric. For example, if your waist measurement is 25” and you want to create a fully pleated skirt, with 1”-wide pleats, you’ll need to multiply the waist measurement by 3 and add seam allowances for each edge.

How many widths of fabric do I need for triple pleat curtains?

What are the drop sizes in curtains?

Drop: Ready-made curtains are available in three different drops: 137 cm (54 inches), 183 cm (72 inches) or 228 cm (90 inches). Some manufacturers also offer a 274 cm (108 inch) drop; click on this link to view the available designs: Larger Sizes.

How to calculate the width of French Pleat curtains?

Multiply the finished width of the area to be covered by the amount of fullness required. For example, if the area is 100 inches wide and will be covered with sheers, 100 times 3 equals 300 inches. Record this as the “total flat width.” For center-split curtains, divide this figure in half and record this measurement as the “one-side flat width.”

How do you measure the width of curtains?

For the width, take your steel tape measure and take the length measurement of your track or pole, excluding the finials on your curtain pole. If you don’t have a track or pole up, as a general rule of thumb we recommend measuring the width of your window plus 20cm either side. Now to take the drop measurement.

How do you measure the drop on a curtain pole?

For the width, take your steel tape measure and take the full length measurement of your pole or track. For pencil pleats on a track, measure the drop by starting from the top of the track, and for pencil pleats on a curtain pole, measure from the eye of the curtain rings (where you’ll be hooking your curtains into).

How to measure for pencil Pleat and eyelet curtains?

How to measure up for pencil pleat and eyelet curtains, and choose the right size drapes for your window. The drop of your curtains, also known as the length, is a matter of taste so just consider the following as a guide.