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How much did Jive sell for?

How much did Jive sell for?

Collaboration software company Jive to be acquired by Aurea for $462 million. Jive, a community collaboration software company that was one of the biggest Enterprise 2.0-era success stories, going public in 2011, announced today it had agreed to be acquired by ESW Capital’s Wave Systems for $462 million.

What happened to Jive software?

Instead of getting bought by a major tech vendor like Cisco or IBM, Jive has agreed to be acquired by ESW Capital, LLC, through its affiliate Wave Systems. Assuming the transaction is approved by shareholders, Jive will be folded into the Aurea family of companies.

Who started Jive?

Matt Tucker
Bill Lynch
Jive Software/Founders

When was Jive founded?

February 7, 2001
Jive Software/Founded

What is Jive platform?

Jive is a social networking platform for business applications. Jive has described itself as “the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business.” Essentially a secure intranet, Jive is software that allows coworkers to connect with one another and collaborate on all things business.

Where is Jive Communications located?

Lindon, UT
Jive Communications is headquartered in Lindon, UT and has 6 office locations across 3 countries.

Is Jive a real language?

Jive talk, Harlem jive or simply Jive (also known as the argot of jazz, jazz jargon, vernacular of the jazz world, slang of jazz, and parlance of hip) is an African-American Vernacular English dialect that developed in Harlem, where “jive” (jazz) was played and was adopted more widely in African-American society.

Is Jive easy to learn?

Jive is generally danced to a music in 4/4 time in a wide variety of tempos from slow to very fast. It’s a dance for everyone, easy to learn, relaxed, lots of fun, and extremely social. It is the fastest of the Latin dances and will give you a great cardio workout.

Is boogie and Jive the same?

difference between Jive and Boogie Woogie is the bounce. Jive bounces up, while Boogie Woogie is more into the floor. Jive is more like ECS on some sort of drug. Basically the same basic footwork, but with different technique.

Is Jive an insult?

Turkeys are known to gobble, adding to the sense of jive, and have been variously used to insult someone as “dull” or “worthless.” The insult jive turkey also appeared on popular 1970s-1980s sitcoms, such as The Jeffersons.

Where does the company Jive Software come from?

Jive Software an Aurea Company, is a provider of communication and collaboration solutions for business, including a suite of collaboration software and an intranet back-end. Jive was headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

When was the acquisition of Filtrbox by Jive?

On January 7, 2010, Jive acquired Colorado-based social monitoring company Filtrbox for $1.7 million in cash and common stock. In May 2011, Jive announced the acquisition of OffiSync, an Israeli startup that adds a collaboration layer to Microsoft Office applications.

When did Jive Records merge with Sony Music?

After two decades, he left Jive in March 2011 for Universal Music Group. In 2003, BMG acquired the remainder of Jive’s parent company Zomba for US$2.74 billion, which at the time was the largest-ever acquisition of an independent label with major-label distribution. The following year, BMG merged with Sony Music Entertainment to form Sony BMG.

Who was the CEO of Jive in 1991?

All three achieved massive success as the 2000s dawned, becoming the three best-selling acts in the label’s history. In 1991, Barry Weiss became CEO and president of Jive Records.