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How much does a live fig tree cost?

How much does a live fig tree cost?

Smaller plants under three feet are often priced at around $25, which isn’t a steal but is a fair price for a healthy plant. You’ll often find excellent deals on large fiddle leaf fig trees here. I purchased a 6-foot tall tree at Home Depot for $99, which certainly would have been at least $200 in a plant nursery.

How much do fiddle leaf plants cost?

Fiddle leaf figs can cost around $200 for a full-grown plant. However, if you buy a young plant, you can get one for approximately $20. In general, buying local and in-person is the best way to make sure you are getting a healthy plant. Once they make it to maturity, fiddle leaf figs can live for around 50 years.

How can I buy a fiddle leaf fig?

Choose the Healthiest Fiddle Leaf Fig in 5 Steps

  1. Check the condition of the leaves.
  2. Look at the shape and the size of the leaves.
  3. Look for new growth.
  4. The new growth should be in good shape.
  5. Pull out your mobile phone’s flashlight feature and check in the nooks and crannies for teeny tiny bugs.

Does Walmart sell fiddle leaf fig trees?

Fiddleleaf Fig Stylized Tree Shape – Ficus – Great Indoor Tree – Easy – 8″ Pot – –

How much is a 6 foot fiddle-leaf fig?

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This item Wofair 6 Feet Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Planter,Artificial Tree Beautiful Fake Plant Fiddle Leaf Indoor/Outdoor UV Resistant Tree for Living Room Balcony Corner Decor
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Is fiddle-leaf fig toxic to dogs?

Fiddle Leaf Fig – Toxic to cats and dogs if ingested, causing oral irritation, excessive drooling, and vomiting.

Should I mist my fiddle leaf fig?

Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Water only when the top 3-4 inches of soil is dry. You can also mist your Fiddle Leaf Fig regularly to boost its humidity.

Are fiddle leaf trees hard to keep alive?

The hot houseplant of the moment (or really, of the last few years), the fiddle leaf fig makes a gorgeous, architectural statement in any room of the house. But while this lush plant, with its shiny, violin-shaped leaves, is stunning, it can be hard to keep alive.

Is fiddle leaf fig toxic to dogs?

Does Walmart have fig trees?

Fig Tree With 42 Leaves & 15 Figs – –….Warnings:

Plant Height 31.92″
Brand Dare2Decor

Where can I buy fiddle leaf fig plants?

Get free shipping on qualified Fiddle Leaf Fig Indoor Plants or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. #1 Home Improvement Retailer Store Finder Truck & Tool Rental

Can you grow fiddle leaf figs in office?

If you’re concerned with your ability to grow this plant, start with a smaller plant and get a feel for it. You can always purchase a larger specimen once you hone your skills. Smaller plants also make great desk plants and you’ll be the envy of the office.

Where can I buy a fig tree planter?

Beautiful 12-inch Ceramic Hana Planter at You can also buy these in person at most Home Depot stores. Premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Potting Soil – Perfect for Indoor Plants Be sure to purchase this pack in order to fill the container above. Self-Adhesive Felt Pads Put these on the underside of your pot to protect your surfaces.

Is the fiddle leaf fig poisonous to humans?

While these plants may be beautiful, Fiddle Leaf Figs are mildly toxic to pets and humans if the leaves are ingested. Depending on the behavior of your pet and if they are known for interacting with plants, a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree may not be the best choice for your home.