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How much is Damon Albarn worth?

How much is Damon Albarn worth?

Damon Albarn net worth: Damon Albarn is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer who has a net worth of $40 million dollars.

Where does Graham Coxon live?

Personal life. Graham lives in London. He has two daughters, Pepper Bäk Troy Coxon, born 7 March 2000, and Dorelia Talys Bee, born 20 October 2012.

Are Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon friends?

Graham Coxon has explained that new Blur album ‘The Magic Whip’ helped him “make amends” with singer Damon Albarn. Despite being long-term friends, the pair had an often stormy working relationship, and fell out after Coxon left the band during the making of the group’s last studio LP, 2003’s ‘Think Tank’.

Why did Blur split up?

Blur are an English rock band. Coxon left the band during early recording sessions for Think Tank, and Blur disbanded for several years after the end of the album’s associated tour, with the members engaged in other projects.

How good is Graham Coxon?

Graham’s career has proven that he is above all a very capable lead guitarist, more often than not displaying a wonderful grasp of melodic phrasing loaded with loads of chromatic movement to weave in and out of an otherwise solid rhythm guitar part.

Is Graham Coxon sober?

He has now been teetotal since leaving rehab by following the 12 Steps of AA. Coxon added: “It was pretty innocent really for a good while. I suppose I was drinking every day, in a nice, normal sort of way, with friends, down the pub. “For me, it’s 12 Steps, I’ve totally lost the compulsion to drink since 12 Steps.”

Are blur still friends?

Blur has not officially broken up, however they have been on an extended hiatus for several years. The band began with Damon Albarn, who along with his childhood friend Graham Covon met Alex James while they were studying at Goldsmith’s College. Damon joined a band called Circus, whose drummer was Dave Rowntree.

Are blur friends?

The Blur frontman and Oasis songsmith were bitter rivals during the height of Britpop, but are now great friends and collaborators-with Noel appearing on Gorillaz’s Humanz album.