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How much is Jake Hurwitz worth?

How much is Jake Hurwitz worth?

Jake Hurwitz net worth: Jake Hurwitz is an American comedian, actor, and writer who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Jake Hurwitz was born in Spring Glen, Connecticut, and went on to attend Hunter College.

How much are Jake and Amir worth?

Amir Blumenfeld net worth: Multi-talented Amir Blumenfeld has an impressive net worth of $700 thousand. Amir Blumenfeld earned his net worth from being a writer, comedian, actor and TV host. Israel- born Blumenfeld is most notable for co-starring (alongside Jake Hurwitz) in an award-winning web series, Jake and Amir.

How old is Amir Blumenfeld?

38 years (January 18, 1983)
Amir Blumenfeld/Age

Is Jake Hurwitz married?

He also starred in The CollegeHumor Show, an MTV sitcom that ran for one season in 2009. Outside of CollegeHumor, Hurwitz has hosted Myspace’s BFF series….

Jake Hurwitz
Occupation Comedian, writer, actor
Years active 2005–present
Spouse(s) Jillian Vogel ​ ( m. 2018)​

How tall is Amir Blumenfeld?

1.78 m
Amir Blumenfeld/Height

How tall is Jake Hurwitz?

1.83 m
Jake Hurwitz/Height

Did Jake and Amir get fired?

In 2011, CollegeHumor released Jake and Amir: Fired, a thirty-minute special in which Amir is fired and Jake is promoted. The special was CollegeHumor’s first paid content, and was available for purchase online or as a DVD. Jake and Amir ended in February 2015 when CollegeHumor released the series’ eight-part finale.

What does Amir grow in the garden?

Amir—an Indian man who lives with his wife and son—grows a ton of veggies. But the ones that make him really famous are his eggplants. These bad boys become so purple that they stand out among all the other plants in the community garden. And sure enough, these eggplants help Amir make tons of new friends.

How old is Jake Hurwitz?

36 years (August 5, 1985)
Jake Hurwitz/Age

How old is Mike Trapp?

Mike Trapp

Country United States
Religion Not Available
Age 34 years, 10 months, 2 days
Horoscope Libra