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Is Gretta Van Riel for real?

Is Gretta Van Riel for real?

Gretta van Riel is a serial entrepreneurship and social media influencer who has built companies like SkinnyMeTea, The 5th Watches, Drop Bottle, Hey Influencer, and many, many more. Gretta first founded SkinnyMe Tea while working full time in a digital marketing role at a print agency transitioning to digital agency.

How old is Gretta Rose?

Gretta Rose van Riel is 31 years old.

What companies does Gretta Van Riel own?

Gretta founded her first startup, SkinnyMe Tea (SMT), at the age of 22 with $24 in the bank. SMT went on to be a global success going on to win the Shopify Build-A-Business competition in 2013. Five years on, SMT has now sold over 11 million cups of tea worldwide and helped their customers lose a combined 1.5M kgs.

Who owns SkinnyMe Tea?

Gretta Van Riel
Founder of SkinnyMe Tea, Gretta Van Riel built the foundations for her global brand from her home in Melbourne in 2012, and since then more than 350,000 customers have tried her teatox programs.

How much is Gretta worth?

Gretta Rose van Riel Net Worth Gretta is one of the richest Entrepreneur. Gretta is listed on Richest Entrepreneur. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Gretta Rose van Riel net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

Does skinny me tea work?

It works, and somewhat predictable which helps. Drink it after dinner, and perfect timing first in the morning…then done. It doesn’t haunt you. I will say I’ve had a few cramps, but only when I’ve brewed it too long, and the cramps are only right before it’s “time” to go.

How much is Foundr worth?

Foundr Magazine’s actual net worth is unverified, but our website predicts that Foundr Magazine currently has a calculated net worth around $$10.33 million. When we think about profit sources beyond Instagram, it’s highly likely Foundr Magazine is worth more than 41.31 million.

What does Gretta mean?

Meaning:pearl. Gretta as a girl’s name is a variant of Greta (German) and Margaret (Greek); the meaning of Gretta is “pearl”.

How long does it take for skinny tea to work?

Senna: According to Mayo Clinic, the herbal, over-the-counter laxative is said to make you go to the bathroom within six to 12 hours. Also, keep in mind that tea brands tend to stray from the “L” word, and use terms like “cleanse” or “detox” instead.

Is Skinny me tea a laxative?

Health and medical experts have also warned against popular online diet product SkinnyMe tea, which has a laxative effect, saying it can cause ”unrealistic and unhealthy” weight loss. Users of the diet tea have reported serious side effects, with one customer hospitalised.

How much money does Gretta Rose Van Riel make?

As of 2020, Gretta Rose van Riel’s net worth is $100,000 – $1M. Gretta Rose van Riel (born July 7, 1990) is famous for being entrepreneur. She currently resides in Australia. Australian entrepreneur and influencer who is known for having founded several companies including SkinnyMeTea, The 5th Watches, Drop Bottle, and Hey Influencer.

Where does Greta Rose Van Riel come from?

Greta Rose Van Riel hails from Australia, and she is a serial entrepreneur. She’s very young, but already she has bright ideas about creating successful businesses. You can see this from the several start-ups and brands she owns that has generated millions of dollars in profits.

How old is Gretta Rose Van Riel from Hey engage?

Gretta Rose van Riel was born in Australia on Saturday, July 7, 1990 (Millennials Generation). She is 30 years old and is a Cancer. She is also known for having founded the discovery platform Hey Engage which focuses on helping grow followers through interaction with customers through social media on a personal level.

What kind of cancer does Gretta Rose Van Riel have?

Gretta Rose van Riel is a member of Richest Celebrities and Entrepreneurs. She shared a photo with fellow entrepreneur and social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk to her Instagram in October of 2018. Gretta is a Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal water sign.