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Is Ritsuko in love with Gendo?

Is Ritsuko in love with Gendo?

The fact that Gendo and Ritsuko were in a sexual relationship is—like many other key facts in Evangelion—never explicitly stated. However, indirect evidence exists which makes this conclusion inescapable. The key piece of evidence comes from episode #24, during the first prison scene.

Who is Ritsuko in love with?

Like her mother Naoko before her, Ritsuko was romantically involved with Gendo at one point. It is unclear to what extent her dedication to her work stems from her love for Gendo. After he offers her up to SEELE in order to protect Rei, she responds by destroying the Dummy Plug system.

How did Ritsuko die?

On May 5, 2004, Okazaki died suddenly at the age of 44 from septic shock as a result of sepsis. She was unable to speak any last words, and left her work unfinished.

What happened to Ritsuko?

In Volume 13 after her failed attempt at destroying NERV, Gendo outright states that he did love her before shooting her. Badly injured, Ritsuko recovers enough to mortally wound Gendo with a shot from her gun, remarking as she dies that the only person he truly loved was Yui.

Why did Asuka kiss Shinji?

The episode begins with Asuka feeling rejected by Kaji, then bored by the date, not feeling understood by Shinji and ends with her, once again, feeling rejected by Kaji. Shinji believes Asuka’s lie that her kiss was just to relieve boredom, but once again in Ep.

Does Asuka try to kill herself?

This seems to indicate that Asuka might have tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists, but other evidence contradicts this. As Asuka stated, she has lost the will to live, but it does not seem she has the will to kill herself either, and has chosen to merely wait for death, up until the point NERV “rescues” her.

Does Ritsuko hate Rei?

Ritsuko hates Ayanami because she was “competition” in her eyes.

Why did Shinji kill Asuka?

The card translation says that Shinji started to strangle Asuka because he wanted to confirm that rejection and denial exist once more. By going back to a world where rejection and denial exist, Shinji has admitted that he feared them, and faced that fear.

Why did Asuka hate Shinji?

Asuka hated Shinji with an “angry teenager” kind of hate, essentially, he happened to remind her of traits in herself that she doesn’t like, ended up getting things she wanted to get, and didn’t telepathically know to do the things she wanted him to do; He’s like an older brother you’re jealous of, or, at worst, like …

Is Asuka dead WWE?

Kanako Urai is a Japanese professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Asuka….Asuka.

Born September 26, 1981 (39)
Osaka, Japan
Resides Orlando, Florida

Who is Ritsuko Akagi’s mother in an Evangelion?

Dr. Naoko Akagi was the mother of Ritsuko Akagi by an unknown father and the chief scientist of Gehirn, Nerv ‘s predecessor organization, and designer of the Magi supercomputers, which she copied her own thought patterns onto.

What kind of job does Ritsuko Akagi have?

After graduating college, Ritsuko joined Gehirn, and worked directly under her mother Naoko at the then-unfinished Tokyo-3. In many ways, Ritsuko is living in her mother’s shadow. Throughout the bulk of the series, Ritsuko at first appears to have a good friendship with Misato, occasionally teasing her about her smaller shortcomings.

Where did the name Naoko Akagi come from?

Naoko, like Ritsuko, is named after the famous Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi. “Naoko” comes from the name of a friend Hideaki Anno knew in elementary school. Some have considered Naoko the candidate for the mysterious soul in Evangelion Unit-00.

How did Naoko Akagi die in an Evangelion?

Naoko then died from a fall from the top of Central Dogma onto the Magi computers below. It is unknown if someone assassinated Naoko, though there is no suggestion of this.