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What did Alex Harvey died from?

What did Alex Harvey died from?

February 4, 1982
Alex Harvey/Date of death

After he left the band for good he released two more solo albums and went on tour with his solo band from 1979. On 4 February 1982, returning from performances in Belgium, Harvey died from heart failure, a day before his 47th birthday.

Where is Alex Harvey buried?

He was a singer/songwriter/guitarist who was best known for fronting ‘The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. ‘ He also had his own soul band in the 1960s. Musician….Alex Harvey.

Birth 5 Feb 1935 Scotland
Death 4 Feb 1982 (aged 46)
Burial Cremated, Location of ashes is unknown
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What age did Alex Harvey die?

46 years (1935–1982)
Alex Harvey/Age at death
The flamboyant frontman died at the age of 46 from a massive heart attack while waiting to board a ferry in Zeebrugge, Belgium, in 1982. It was a tragic end for his cult group The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, who had a string of hits including The Boston Tea Party and Delilah in the mid-70s.

What happened to the Alex Harvey Band?

Final albums together and split Harvey re-joined the group in mid-1977, while Hugh McKenna left. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band then recorded 1978’s Rock Drill, with Tommy Eyre replacing Hugh McKenna. They disbanded shortly afterwards. Harvey died of heart failure on 4 February 1982 in Belgium.

What school did Alex Harvey go to?

It’s fair to say that Alex Harvey came from the school of hard knocks. Born on February 5, 1935, Harvey was raised in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, Scotland. A notoriously violent area, Harvey knocked about with various street gangs in his youth before leaving school at the age of fifteen.

Is Alex Harvey alive?

Deceased (1935–1982)
Alex Harvey/Living or Deceased

What songs did Alex Harvey write?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
I’ll Take a Tango Alex Harvey [US] 1976
King of Oak Street Alex Harvey [US] 1969
Love of a Gentle Woman Alex Harvey [US] April 1969
Makin’ Music for Money Alex Harvey [US] May 24, 1973

Who did Alex Harvey influence?

Harvey died 20 year ago this year, but his influence is still stunningly powerful. From Nick Cave, Robert Smith and AC/DC to any famous Scots music star over the last 30 years, everyone doffs the cap to Alex Harvey.

Did Alex Harvey have a brother?

Leslie Cameron Harvey (13 September 1944 – 3 May 1972) was a guitarist in several Scottish bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s, most notably Stone the Crows. He was the brother of Alex Harvey.

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Which is the best Alex Harvey Band album?

Alex’s brother plays excellent slide guitar throughout the album and extra poignancy was added to this cover with his premature death later the same year. The title track by Caldeira is probably the best track on the album being a catchy pop tune foreshadowing a lot of SAHB’s most upbeat mid period moments.

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