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What do you mean by profile in geography?

What do you mean by profile in geography?

Profile or a section is a method which helps to visualize the relief feature for a larger area drawn along a selected base line.

What is a profile in earth science?

profile – a vertical section of the Earth’s crust showing the different horizons or layers. cross section – a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis. soil profile – a vertical section of soil from the ground surface to the parent rock.

What is profile in topography?

A topographic profile or topographic cut is a representation of the relief of the terrain that is obtained by cutting transversely the lines of a topographic map. Each contour line can be defined as a closed line joining relief points at equal height above sea level.

What is composite profile in geography?

[kəm′päz·ət ′prō‚fīl] (mapping) A profile comprising the highest points of a series of profiles that are drawn along several regularly spaced and parallel map lines.

What is the mean of profile?

1. countable noun. Your profile is the outline of your face as it is seen when someone is looking at you from the side. His handsome profile was turned away from us. Synonyms: outline, lines, form, figure More Synonyms of profile.

What is relief profile?

A relief profile is a line which shows the rise and fall of the surface of the ground along a chosen line on a map. One of the advanced techniques of representation of relief is to draw a relief profiles. A profile of a relief feature acts as a visual aid in its description and interpretation.

What is the project profile?

A project profile is a simplified description of an eventual project.

What is composite profile in SAP?

312 is a somewhat famous number in SAP Security. It is the maximum number of Profiles that can be assigned to a User. The relationship between a user ID and authorization profiles is of type one to many (1:n, meaning one user can have many profiles assigned). …

What is profile and its importance?

Your profile is an overview of general information about yourself, and the skill sets that you possess. Creating a profile allows you to save all program opportunities in which you are interested, and to come back at a later time to actually submit an application.

Which is the best definition of geographic profiling?

© ECRI 2012. Geographic Profiling – Definition. Geographic Profiling is a spatial analysis technique that analyzes the known locations of incidents which are geographically connected to an unknown base of operations to determine where that base is most likely located.

What is the definition of the soil profile?

On the surface, soils look pretty much the same… dirt. The soil profile is where the secrets of the soil and landscape around it are hidden. The soil profile is defined as a vertical section of the soil that is exposed by a soil pit.

What is the dictionary definition of a profile?

Define profile. profile synonyms, profile pronunciation, profile translation, English dictionary definition of profile. n. 1. a. A side view of an object or structure, especially of the human head. b. A representation of an object or structure seen from the side.

How is a profile diagram used in geography?

Contour diagram and cross section are drawn for selected features of the earth. In a continuous landscape one may be interested to visualize the general sky line for an area along a selected path. Profile or a section is a method which helps to visualize the relief feature for a larger area drawn along a selected base line.