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What does a weld symbol indicate?

What does a weld symbol indicate?

The weld symbol distinguishes between the two sides of a joint by using the arrow and the spaces above and below the reference line. The side of the joint to which the arrow points is known (rather prosaically) as the arrow side, and its weld is made according to the instructions given below the reference line.

What does the little flag on the welding symbol mean?

Field Weld
A flag at the tangent of the reference line and arrow means Field Weld. Field Weld Symbol.

What is the meaning and uses of welding symbol?

Welding symbols are used to reduce the number of words on an engineering drawing and so save space and time. type of weld eg fillet, lap, edge, corner, slot, or plug. type of welding process eg gas metal arc welding, and. whether to weld on site or in the workshop.

What type of weld is called out?

When an intermittent fillet is not a chain weld it will then be called out as a staggered intermittent fillet weld. The welds will be placed on both sides of the joint but it will be offset with one another.

How do we represent a weld?

The welding symbol has an arrow, which points to the location on the drawing where a weld is required. The arrow is attached to a leader line that intersects with a horizontal reference line. Finally, there’s a tail at the opposite end of the reference line that forks off in two directions.

What are the 5 basic types of welding joints?

There are five basic welding joint types commonly used in the industry, according to the AWS:

  • Butt joint.
  • Tee joint.
  • Corner joint.
  • Lap joint.
  • Edge joint.

Is code for welding symbols?

ISO 2553, Welding and allied processes – Symbolic representation on drawings – Welded joints, combines both systems and is the key industry International Standard for welding symbols.

What is the most common welding symbol?

Arrow. The arrow is the fundamental element of a welding symbol. It’s an essential part of the welding symbol and points to the joint to be welded. The side to which the arrow points on the joint is defined as the “arrow side,” while the opposite is referred to as the “other side.”

What is TB in welding?

3. TB. Torch Brazing. Brazing, Torch, Gas. Brazing, Torch, Gas.

What is the meaning of the weld symbol?

The weld symbol indicates the type of weld and, when used, is a part of the welding symbol. Weld Symbol: Weld symbols shall be as shown in figure below. The symbols shall be drawn “on” the reference line (for illustrative purposes shown dashed) Weld symbol Welding Symbol: The welding symbol consists of several elements (see Figure).

When do welding symbols need to be on the same side as the Arrow?

When the welding symbol is on top of the reference line, the weld needs to be on the same side as the arrow. Sometimes drawings are very full, so this rule is necessary in case there is no room for the base symbol to be on the side the weld is. Base system B is recognized by the absence of dashes below the reference line.

What does a weld contour symbol mean in welding?

Supplementary symbols are additional symbols that provide supplementary information about the final product and are added to the welding symbol itself. Weld Contour. Weld contour indicates how the surface of the weld should look like in the end. It states if it should be flush, concave or convex surface.

What do the reference lines in welding mean?

Reference lines are important welding symbols drawn as a straight line horizontally across the drawing. The reference line arrow also contains additional details about the welding itself. It can contain some valuable information like the joint design, the weld pattern, the weld size, etc.