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What does BR30 mean on a light bulb?

What does BR30 mean on a light bulb?

The difference between a BR20, BR30, and BR40 is actually the size or diameter of the light bulb. The number represents increments of an 8th of an inch. For example, a BR30 is 30/8ths of an inch or 30 divided by 8 which equals 3.75″ in diameter. The same example applies to a PAR38.

How long is a BR30 bulb?

approximately 5 inches long
BR30 lamps are a type of lamp approximately 5 inches long and slightly less than 4 inches in diameter. They belong to category of directional lighting types, with typically a “wide flood” beam angle.

How big is a BR 30 light bulb?

To find the diameter of the lamp, just divide the number after it by 8: e.g., the diameter of a BR 30 bulb is 30/8ths of an inch, or 3.75 inches in diameter. BR30 light bulbs deliver soft-edged, directional light and can typically be found in general household light fixtures, recessed can lighting, and/or track lighting.

What’s the difference between BR30 and br40 flood lights?

BR40 is a large reflector flood lamp. It is the largest of the R-style flood lights. The “B” stands for “bulged”, the “R” stands for “reflector”, while the “40” represents the diameter of the face of the bulb, in this case 40 (1/8) inches, or 5 inches.

What’s the difference between a PAR30 and BR30 LED lamp?

Although they are similar in size to PAR30 LED lamps, BR30 LED lamps primarily differ in their wide beam angle. Mechanically speaking, this is typically accomplished with a slightly bulged and frosted diffuser cover on a BR30 LED lamp, as opposed to a clear, collimating lens on a PAR30 LED lamp.

What does BR stand for in LED lamp?

BR stands for “Bulged Reflector” – a reference to the bulge outward as one travels away from the socket, or flared shape of the lamp body. This is contrast to a PAR or MR shape bulb. The reason for the bulge in incandescent versions of the BR30 lamp is to enable a wide flood beam of 120 degrees or more.