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What does verifyTitle do in selenium?

What does verifyTitle do in selenium?

assertTitle (text), verifyTitle (text) – Selenium IDE command. assertTitle gets the title of a website and checks it again the provided text. Assert and verify commands are both useful for verifying condition match or not.

What are selenium commands?

Given below are some of the most commonly used Selenium commands in WebDriver:

  • Fetching a web page.
  • Locating forms and sending user inputs.
  • Clearing User inputs.
  • Fetching data over any web element.
  • Performing Click event.
  • Navigating backward in browser history.
  • Navigating forward in browser history.
  • Refresh/ Reload a web page.

What does an action command do in selenium?

Actions. Actions are the selenium commands that generally manipulate the state of the application. Execution of Actions generates events like click this link, select that option, type this box, etc. If an Action fails, or has a bug, the execution of current test is stopped.

What happens if waitFor is failed in selenium?

When a “verify” fails, the test will continue execution, logging the failure. A “waitFor” command waits for some condition to become true. They will fail and halt the test if the condition does not become true within the current timeout setting. Perhaps, they will succeed immediately if the condition is already true.

What are the four parameter you have to pass in Selenium?

In total, there are four conditions (parameters) for Selenium to pass a test. These are as follows: URL, host, browser and port number.

How does Selenium verify search results?

Hidden Element Verification: To verify whether a Web Element is visible or hidden on the page. Selenium has a method called isDisplayed(). It’s a boolean method which returns true if the WebElement is visible and return false if the method is hidden.

What are the wait commands in Selenium?

Implicit Wait directs the Selenium WebDriver to wait for a certain measure of time before throwing an exception. Once this time is set, WebDriver will wait for the element before the exception occurs. Once the command is in place, Implicit Wait stays in place for the entire duration for which the browser is open.

What is the main use of Selenium?

Selenium is used to make pigments for ceramics, paint and plastics. Selenium has both a photovoltaic action (converts light to electricity) and a photoconductive action (electrical resistance decreases with increased illumination). It is therefore useful in photocells, solar cells and photocopiers.

What are action commands?

Actions are commands that manipulate the state of the application. Upon execution, if an action fails the execution of the current test is stopped. For Example, “click a link” and “select an option”.

What are the three types of selenium commands?

There are three types of Selenium IDE commands:

  • Actions. Actions are commands that generally manipulate the state of the application.
  • Accessors. These commands examine the state of the application and store the result in variables, Like storeTitle.
  • Assertions.
  • Commonly used Selenium IDE commands: