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What is a DSO company?

What is a DSO company?

Dental Service Organizations, known in the industry as “Dental Support Organizations” or abbreviated to DSOs, are independent business support centers that contract with dental practices in the United States. They provide business management and support to dental practices, including non-clinical operations.

What is a DSO in orthodontics?

Dental Support Organizations (DSO) are a growing force in dentistry. They control up to 20% of the dentistry in the United States, and the number of doctors affiliated with a DSO is growing by 15% per year. who eagerly buy orthodontic practices with the doctor remaining as an employee for some period.

How many dentists own their own practice?

About 77 percent of all dentists owned their own practice in 2017, down from 84 percent in 2005, according to the American Dental Association.

Which DSO is the best?

In no particular order, here are the top DSOs making moves in the dental industry:

  • Aspen Dental/Aspen Dental Management.
  • Pacific Dental Services (PDS)
  • Smile Brands.
  • Western Dental.
  • Dental Care Alliance (DCA)
  • Great Expressions Dental Centers.
  • Affordable Dentures & Implants.
  • InterDent.

Is Gentle dental A DSO?

Gentle Dental Partners of New England (Gentle Communications LLC) recently began a rebranding of their organization to 42 North Dental, which they did in order to better reflect all their supported practices.

What is a dental service organization ( DSO )?

Perspectives around exactly what is a DSO company are packaged within the abbreviation. The DSO model represents a more corporate function known as dental service organizations (DSO). The American dental landscape is being transformed by their footprint. Basically, imagine expanded dental care options across a number of group practices.

What does it mean when a business has a low DSO?

This number is then multiplied by the number of days in the period of time. The period of time used to measure DSO can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. If the result is a low DSO, then it means that the business takes fewer days to collect the receivables. On the other hand, a high DSO entails that it takes more days to collect receivables.

Why are DSOs so important to young dentists?

DSOs are a great way to give young dentists a small piece of a larger equity puzzle ( spoiler alert – more to come on this in future parts of this series). Where does this trend go? Experts predict that this will reach 25%-30% by 2025 and almost 50% by 2030. Let that sink in for a moment.

Can a dentist buy a dental service organization?

Many dentists have been approached by existing dental service organizations (DSOs) with offers to buy their practices, and the DSOs already have their terms and conditions in place. They have financing and capitalization ready for the purchase of new dental practices.