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What is a zygomatic fracture?

What is a zygomatic fracture?

A zygomatic complex fracture is a fracture that involves the zygoma and its surrounding bones. The typical lines of a zygomatic complex fracture are: A fracture emanating from the inferior orbital fissure superiorly along the sphenozygomatic suture to the frontozygomatic suture where it crosses the lateral orbital rim.

How do you know if you have a zygomatic fracture?

Broken cheekbone/upper jaw (zygomatic maxillary fracture)

  1. Flatness of the cheek.
  2. Altered sensation underneath the eye on the affected side.
  3. Problems with eyesight.
  4. Pain with jaw movement.

Which is the most common site for fracture in zygomatic arch fracture?

Fracture of the zygoma is the second most common fracture of the face, just behind nasal fractures, which can cause significant cosmetic and functional deformity.

How do you fix a zygomatic fracture?

Most zygomatic complex fractures can be treated solely by an intraoral approach and rigid fixation at the zygomaticomaxillary buttress. Further exposure of the zygomaticofrontal junction or inferior orbital rim is necessary for severely displaced fractures, which require additional fixation.

What happens if the zygomatic bone is damaged?

Patients may develop trismus (i.e. the inability to fully open the mouth) and have difficulty with chewing. There may also be bleeding through the nose, which depends on the severity of the injury. The cheekbone of these patients may be flattened due to the malar eminence being depressed.

How long does it take for a zygomatic fracture to heal?

Even if you have plates and screws to hold your cheekbone in place, it still takes about six weeks for the bone to heal completely. You must be careful to avoid another injury as it may push your cheekbone out of position again.

How long does a zygomatic fracture take to heal?

Cheekbone fractures rarely get infected, so you will not usually need antibiotics. Swelling and bruising can be reduced by using cold packs and sleeping propped up for the first few days. Even if you have plates and screws to hold your cheekbone in place, it still takes about six weeks for the bone to heal completely.

What happens if you break your zygomatic bone?

How does a zygomatic fracture occur?

Zygoma fractures usually result from high-impact trauma. Leading causes of fractures include assault, motor vehicle or motorcycle accidents, sports injuries, and falls.

What kind of fracture is a zygoma fracture?

Zygoma fracture. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A zygoma fracture (zygomatic fracture) is a form of facial fracture caused by a fracture of the zygomatic bone.

What kind of bone is the zygomatic arch?

Fractures of the zygomatic arch (ZA) or any of i … The zygoma is a bone that provides vital contributions to both the structure and aesthetic of the midface and articulates with several bones of the craniofacial skeleton. The zygoma and its articulations comprise the zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC).

Do you need plastic surgery for a zygomatic fracture?

Plastic surgery may be required to treat a zygomatic fracture. A simple zygomatic fracture is a hairline break in the zygoma, or cheekbone. Complex fractures may include the cheekbone and part of the orbit of the eye.

Is there a place for theatre for zygomatic fractures?

There is no place for taking a patient for theatre and ‘plating if it’s not stable’. FZ — Frontozygomatic ZT — Zygomaticotemporal PA — Piriform aperture (lateral margin of nasal aperture) ZM — Zygomaticomaxillary IO — Infraorbital In treatment planning consider the zygoma as a starfish.