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What is af Betafood good for?

What is af Betafood good for?

Description: A-F Betafood from Standard Process aims to encourage healthy fat digestion and support normal processing of dietary fats, bile production, and healthy fat levels in the liver. This vegetarian supplement contains beet juice as a natural source of betaine to support fat digestion.

How does af Betafood work?

AF Betafood – Used by doctors since 1951 This whole food product made from beet leaf juice concentrate is a wealthy source of betaine. Betaine promotes the transportation and use of fats. AF Betafood effectively thins bile so it passes through the bile duct more easily, thereby improving function.

What is Cataplex a used for?

Cataplex A is a vitamin A supplement. It supplies vitamin A as it naturally occurs in plants, along with whole food and other ingredients.

What is Cyruta used for?

Cyruta supports healthy cholesterol levels that are already within a normal range*. Suggested Use: One tablet per meal, or as directed.

What is Spanish black radish good for?

Spanish black radish, or Raphanus sativus niger, is a large root vegetable that belongs to the Brassicaceae family, also known as the cruciferous vegetable family. It is commonly used for liver and detoxification support, digestion and cholesterol support, and as an antioxidant booster.

How much Prolamine iodine should I take?

Suggested Use: One tablet per day, or as directed. Caution: Individuals sensitive to iodine should not consume this product.

Does Cataplex g lower blood pressure?

This product supports metabolism, liver function, brain and nervous system function, and even lower blood pressure which is why I am using it and it worked well for me for that.

Will vitamin B complex help me lose weight?

It is believed that certain vitamins in the Vitamin B complex can help people lose weight. Some of these vitamins are needed to help the body metabolize various nutrients. A 2013 study indicated that overweight and obese people were likely to have low levels of Vitamin B12.

What do you need to know about a F betafood?

A-F Betafood is presented as a dietary supplement that uses a variety of nutrients such as beet juice in order to support fat digestion. It was designed by Standard Process and introduced on the market in 1951. It is recommended for people who want to lose weight and need some type of supplementation form to achieve their goals.

When did standard process a-F betafood come out?

Review of Standard Process A-F Betafood. The remedy is formulated from many nutrients such as beef juice. A-F Betafood was established in 1951 and since then the product has helped many people maintain highest levels of fat in the liver while supporting the proper function of the gallbladder, flow of bile, and bowel function.

What does betafood do for the digestive system?

Betafood contains beets to support digestion and intestinal function.*. Provides methyl donors to support liver’s natural detoxification processes. Contains naturally occurring betaine for liver and cardiovascular health. Supports normal processing of dietary fats*.

Is there a free trial of a-F betafood?

A-F Betafood Readers: HCF® Happy, Calm & Focused is offering our readers a free trial ($1.95 S&H) for a limited time. Click here for this Amino Acids [Blend] special offer! A-F Betafood by Standard Processis advertised as a dietary supplement meant to improve fat digestion by sustaining normal processes of dietary fats and cholesterol-metabolism.