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What is meant by spalling of concrete?

What is meant by spalling of concrete?

Spalling is a term used to describe areas of concrete which have cracked and delaminated from the substrate. However, the most common cause of spalling is the corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement bars or steel sections.

What does spalling mean in construction?

Spalling is the flaking or peeling away of small particles of cement paste from the near-surface portion of the finished slab. In most instances, the defect does not affect the slab’s service life if untreated. Freezing and thawing cycles can cause concrete to spall.

What spalling means?

transitive verb. : to break up or reduce by or as if by chipping with a hammer. intransitive verb. 1 : to break off chips, scales, or slabs : exfoliate.

What causes spalling on concrete?

There are many causes of concrete spalling; they include the improper placement of concrete and its reinforcing, electrochemical (galvanic) reactions between embedded metals within the concrete matrix, and corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel due to exposure to water and/or chemicals.

What does spalling concrete look like?

Spalling concrete can look like round or oval depressions along surfaces or joints. Spalling tends to be most common in cold climates when de-icing chemicals are applied or when seasonal freeze-thaw cycles damage the concrete.

Can spalling concrete be repaired?

If your concrete is spalling, these are the repair options: Patch the spalled area with a color matching compound. Have your concrete resurfaced with an overlay. Rip out and replace the entire slab.

Is spalling serious?

Spalling is typically caused by poor installation, poor maintenance, poor repairs, or by environmental factors. Spalling can be inconsequential, that is, a purely aesthetic issue, or it can lead to serious structural damage requiring costly remediation work.

What does spalling look like?

What is a spalling hammer?

: a large hammer usually with a flat face and straight peen for breaking and rough-dressing stone.

What to do about spalling bricks?

The best way to deal with spalling is to prevent it before it occurs. The best and one of the easiest ways to do this is to apply a masonry sealant to the bricks which is specially designed to allow the bricks to breathe.