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What is the net worth of Bashundhara Group?

What is the net worth of Bashundhara Group?

Bashundhara Group

Type Conglomerate
Headquarters Pushpanjali, Bashundhara Convention Center Road, Bangladesh
Products Cement, tissue, media, LPG, paper, real estate, shopping mall, steel, food & beverage, shipping
Total assets Tk. 50,000 crore ($5.884 Billion)
Owner Ahmed Akbar Sobhan & family

Is Sayem Sobhan married?

Sayem Sobhan tied a knot with Mrs. Sabrina Sobhan who is a director of Bashundhara Group. Together the couple has two children and passing a happy conjugal life residing in Dhaka. Sobhan had a girlfriend named Musarat Jahan Munia who committed suicide in a flat at Gulshan, Dhaka on April 26, 2021.

Who is the owner of Bashundhara City?

Bashundhara Group
Bashundhara City Shopping Complex/Owners

Who is Sayem Sobhan Anvir wife?

Sabrina Sobhan
Sabrina Sobhan, wife of Bashundhara Group Managing director Sayem Sobhan Anvir, along with four members of their family and three domestic helpers, left the country through a chartered flight this evening.

Who is the richest person in Bangladesh?

Moosa Bin Shamsher is the top richest man in Bangladesh and 88th rich man in the world ranking. Moosa Bin Shamsher was born on 1945 October 15, in Faridpur. People are known as “Prince Musa.” He is a businessman and Founder of DATCO Group. Moosa Bin Shamsher also has his own arms and weapon business.

What does bashundhara mean?

Meaning of Bashundhara: Name Bashundhara in the Bengali origin, means The Earth. Name Bashundhara is of Bengali origin and is a Girl name. People with name Bashundhara are usually Hindu by religion.

Who is Yeasha Sobhan?

Yeasha Sobhan is the Director of Bashundhara Group, largest business conglomerate that employs over 50 thousand people directly and 2 million indirectly, within 25 years of its operation engaged in developing real estate, manufacturing cement, papers, tissue, iron and steel, multi-faceted shopping mall, media house.

How much wealth does Ahmed Akbar Sobhan have?

He has an estimated wealth of about 50,000 crore BDT. Sobhan endorsed different development tasks for the group under the coverage of corporate social responsibility. His social responsibilities often transcends borders.

Why did Ahmed Akbar Sobhan withdraw power of attorney?

This move was taken despite Sobhan’s opposition and he retaliated by withdrawing the power of attorney for 4 officials of the nine-member committee.

Who are the two sons of Sadat Sobhan?

His sons are Sadat Sobhan (Tanvir), Shafiat Sobhan (Sanvir), Sayem Sobhan (Anvir), and Safwan Sobhan (Tasvir). He has numerous grandsons and granddaughters.