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What is tricky tray?

What is tricky tray?

The Tricky Tray, also known as a basket raffle or penny sale, is a common fundraising game used to draw in donors who can only give a little, but enjoy the art of competition and games of chance. Essentially, the Tricky Tray is a combination of a silent auction and a raffle concept.

What do you need for a tricky tray?

There’s a great profile of three tricky tray loving sisters from the record online’s archives here . The other thing to know about a Tricky Tray, or at least the one for the MHS class of 2019, is that guests are welcome to bring their own dinner, and dessert and coffee or tea will be provided.

How do you run a tricky tray?

Five Steps to a Successful Tricky Tray

  1. 1- Do pick a venue and date that works FOR your organization, not against it.
  2. 2- Do make sure your attendees know what’s going on.
  3. 3- Do actively solicit for your items.
  4. 4- Shout it from the rooftops.
  5. 5- Now show me the money!

Why do they call it a tricky tray?

The name of their game is tricky tray. These three sisters run the tricky tray circuit as card sharks or pool hustlers would, moving from town to town to play the game. They were at a tricky tray in Mount Carmel the night before, and now they’re at the tricky tray fundraiser for St. Joseph’s School, in Middletown.

How do you host a tricky tray?

What is a penny auction fundraiser?

A penny social is a fundraising event that combines elements of raffles and silent auctions. Guests buy special tickets that they use to bid on items and prizes. Each ticket equals one bid. A winning ticket is drawn at random, and the guest who placed that ticket wins the item.

What do you need to know about tricky tray events?

1: a fund raising event for a church, school or other organization where guests buy tickets, then place them in a container next to the item they would like to win. Items can be a single item or a group of items based on a theme.

How can I donate to the tricky tray?

Donors can purchase any number of raffle tickets or raffle entries to the Tricky Tray and then they peruse a catalog of items available to win. For each item, there is a basket, jar, or some container (even Manilla envelopes) where each ticket can be placed in an effort to win that item.

What’s the difference between tricky tray and tricky tray?

First off, what’s a Tricky Tray? It’s basically a gigantic raffle. There’s a huge array of product and services arranged on tables, you buy tickets and put them in receptacles next to the prizes you want to win.

Where can I get a tricky tray license?

But with a Tricky Tray there’s the added complexity of securing the appropriate licenses with the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission , part of the Division of Consumer Affairs. We had to complete multiple applications, get them notarized and submit them in quadruplicate.