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What states are Woodforest banks located?

What states are Woodforest banks located?

Celebrating over 30 years of banking success, Woodforest National Bank is a privately owned community bank currently servicing over 900,000 customers at more than 750 branches across the states of Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina, Kentucky.

How many locations does Woodforest National Bank have?

Woodforest has over 740 branch locations in 17 states and Commercial Banking offices in select markets throughout the nation.

Is Woodforest Bank in California?

Woodforest National Bank – 0244 California Maryland Walmart Bra. 0244 California Maryland Walmart Bra is a branch office of Woodforest National Bank. They provide the following services: Full Service Retail Office and are located at 45485 Miramar Way in California Maryland.

Can I withdraw money from Woodforest at Walmart?

Cash in at Checkout is available at Walmart locations in 49 states. This service is not available at self-checkout. Other terms and restrictions apply to the service. Please see your account Terms and Conditions, a retail banker, or call 1-877-968-7962 for details.

Is Woodforest a second chance bank?

Woodforest Second Chance Checking┬« is essentially the bank account version of a secured credit card. More specifically, it’s perfect for anyone that may have had issues with overdraft and other fees when banking in the past. This account does not earn interest, but $25 is all that’s needed to open one.

Can you transfer money from Woodforest to another bank?

Please keep in mind that at this moment, Woodforest National Bank only allows money transfers between checking and savings accounts. For information on your specific account, contact Woodforest Customer Care at 1-877-968-7962. Woodforest only transfers money from one Woodforest to another Woodforest account.

Can I use my Woodforest debit card at any ATM?

Advantages of using your Woodforest Business Debit Card Use any Woodforest ATM location and not incur an ATM Balance Inquiry or Withdrawal fee (2).

How much can I withdraw from Woodforest?

There is a cumulative daily cash withdrawal limit of $810 per account associated with a Woodforest Debit Card.

Does Woodforest bank do credit checks?

Woodforest does not check credit for employment. Yes they have a second chance checking and savings account.

Can I reopen a closed Woodforest bank account?

Once the bank classifies your account as dormant, you can still reopen it. To do this, you will typically need to submit a written request to your local branch. There are no fees for account reactivation.

What kind of bank is Woodforest National Bank?

Woodforest National Bank also partners with Sam’s Club and Kroger in a few states. In addition to regular accounts, Woodforest National Bank offers “second chance” checking accounts for customers who have not remained in good standing with ChexSystems, albeit with higher fees and a much longer probation period than PNC Bank as of March 2012.

Where is the Woodforest food bank in Montgomery County located?

A five-acre facility located in the Woodlands Trade Center was created partly thanks to a $1 million donation from Woodforest National Bank. As of April 2013 it is being renamed “Woodforest Food Bank Center for Montgomery County Food Bank”.

Where is the Woodforest Bank in Big Spring TX?

Woodforest National Bank, 0652 Big Spring Wal-Mart Branch. Full Service Retail Office. 201 West Marcy. Big Spring, TX 79720.

What can I do with a Woodforest debit card?

Mobile Banking Overdraft Services Personal Investment & Insurance Debit Cards Cash In at Checkout Products Checking Savings Loans Deposit Interest Rates Services Investments & Insurance Services Merchant Services Business Overdraft Services Federal Tax Payments Card Services CRA & Community Development Small Business Growth