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Where does Clinton Kane live?

Where does Clinton Kane live?

Las Vegas
Of both Norwegian and Filipino descent, Kane has stayed in an impressive 84 Airbnbs in multiple countries the past few years, now officially a resident of Las Vegas signing his first lease ever.

Is Clinton Kane married?

He has gained over 391K subscribers on his YouTube channel….More Facts of Clinton Kane.

Full Name: Clinton Kane
Profession: Youtuber, Instagram star, Social media personality, singer, guitarist
Country: Norway
Marital Status: single
Eye Color Dark Brown

What is Clinton Kane nationality?

Born on November 26, 1999, of Filipino-Norwegian heritage, Clinton Kane spent most of his youth in Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

How did Clinton Kane get famous?

He rose to prominence in 2016 when he started uploading covers to his YouTube channel, his first being of a James Arthur song. Since amassing an army of fans, Kane has continued to document these heartrending diary entries in songs.

Is Clinton Kane a country singer?

Singer-songwriter Clinton Kane was born to a Filipino father and Norwegian mother in Perth, Australia and grew up living between Perth and the UK. Raised in a musically inclined household by a single mom with two brothers — his dad has been out of the picture since he was 14 — Kane grew up fiercely independent.

Is Clinton Kane British?

He was born in Perth, Australia. Growing up, he lived in Australia, Norway and the U.K.

What type of music is Clinton Kane?

Clinton Kane/Genres

Is Clinton Kane Australia?

Clinton Kane is a 20-year-old musician with Filipino-Norweigan heritage. During his childhood, Kane spent time living in Perth, Australia and the UK and has taught himself an extensive army of instruments including guitar, piano, and drums.

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