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Who first recorded And I Love Her?

Who first recorded And I Love Her?

The Beatles
The Beatles began recording ‘And I Love Her’ on 25 February 1964. They recorded two takes that day, with a full electric line-up, but it was evidently not the sound they were after. The second take was later released on Anthology 1.

Did Johnny and Santo write I love her?

The guitar duo Santo & Johnny recorded a mellow surf instrumental version of this song in 1965 which was a huge hit in Mexico. Despite the fact that he wrote 35% of this song (the middle eight), John Lennon called this “Paul’s first ‘Yesterday. ‘”

Who actually wrote each Beatles song?

With The Beatles

Song Main composer Singer
All I´ve Got to Do Lennon Lennon
All My Loving McCartney McCartney
Don´t Bother Me Harrison Harrison
Little Child Lennon/McCartney Lennon/McCartney

Who played lead guitar on And I Love Her?

Paul McCartney – Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar (1963 Hofner 500/1) John Lennon – Rhythm Guitar (1962 Gibson J160E) George Harrison – Lead Guitar (1950 Jose Ramirez Guitarra de Estudio),Claves (?)

Which Beatle wrote I’m Happy Just to Dance With You?

Paul McCartney
John Lennon
I’m Happy Just to Dance With You/Lyricists

When did Paul write And I Love Her?

“And I Love Her” is a song recorded by English rock band the Beatles, written primarily by Paul McCartney and credited to the Lennon–McCartney partnership….And I Love Her.

“And I Love Her”
Released 20 July 1964
Recorded 25–27 February 1964
Studio EMI, London
Genre Pop rock

When did paul McCartney write And I Love Her?

And I Love Her

“And I Love Her”
Released 20 July 1964
Recorded 25–27 February 1964
Studio EMI, London
Genre Pop rock

Is I in love with her Bossa Nova?

They arranged and recorded the Broadway show tune “Till There Was You” (from The Music Man) with a light Bossa Nova-style beat, slightly modified for the pop market. Their early classic “And I Love Her” is another one like this.

Who was most talented Beatle?

Paul McCartney is the most talented Beatle. Musically, he up there at the top five with his Bass playing.

What is John Lennon’s favorite Beatles song?

John Lennon’s five favourite Paul McCartney songs

1 Hey Jude The Beatles 3:58
2 Here, There And Everywhere – Remastered 2009 The Beatles 2:24
3 All My Loving – Remastered 2009 The Beatles 2:07
4 Let It Be – Remastered 2009 The Beatles 4:03
5 Oh! Darling – Remastered 2009 The Beatles 3:27

Where did the Beatles write and I love her?

And I Love Her was written in the music room in the basement of the house in Wimpole Street, London, which belonged to Jane Asher ’s parents. Lennon and McCartney wrote many of their mid-period songs together in the room. And I Love Her is Paul again. I consider it his first Yesterday.

Where was the song and I love her written?

Songwriting History. “And I Love Her” was written in the basement music room at Jane Asher’s parents home at 57 Wimpole St. in London. Paul had just moved in with the Ashers and frequently met there with John to write songs, although this song was apparently written by McCartney alone, at least initially.

When did Paul McCartney write I love her?

Paul McCartney wrote most of this song. In a 1984 interview with Playboy magazine, he stated, “It’s just a love song; no, it wasn’t for anyone.” That was probably the chivalrous thing to do, as by then he was 15 years into his marriage to Linda.

Who was the inspiration for and I love her?

It is likely that Asher was the inspiration behind the song. Although John Lennon claimed to have helped with the writing, although it is likely that McCartney composed the majority of it alone. I’m not sure if John worked on that at all… The middle eight is mine.