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Who gets married in The Drowsy Chaperone?

Who gets married in The Drowsy Chaperone?

Plot Synopsis The Drowsy Chaperone is a lavish 1920s musical with vaudeville gags and Charlestons galore! Robert Martin is set to marry Janet van de Graaf, a young Broadway starlet giving up performing.

What is the theme of The Drowsy Chaperone?

The Drowsy Chaperone tries to show the importance of art and fiction in a world where, like the show’s best number says, most of us just stumble along.

Is The Drowsy Chaperone good?

The show is fresh and honest. This unique musical is an ode to those old 1920’s musicals that were light on plot and heavy on comedy, with rousing music with catchy rhythms and loads of up-tempo dances and several “take-home” songs you’ll be humming for a while.

Is The Drowsy Chaperone a movie?

Don McKellar, who co-wrote the book for the musical with Bob Martin, said he will adapt the the movie version. …

How long is drowsy chaperone?

approximately 90 minutes
The running time for The Drowsy Chaperone is approximately 90 minutes. There is no intermission.

Who is the main character in The Drowsy Chaperone?

FeldziegJanet van de GraaffRobert MartinThe Drowsy Chaperone
The Drowsy Chaperone/Characters

Who is Kitty in the drowsy chaperone?

Principal roles and casting

Character First Reading Original Broadway Cast
Underling Scott Anderson Edward Hibbert
Feldzieg Matt Watts Lenny Wolpe
Kitty Jennifer Irwin Jennifer Smith
Trix Jennifer Whalen Kecia Lewis-Evans

Who are the main characters in the drowsy chaperone?

How does the drowsy chaperone end?

Tottendale tells Underling that the wedding will proceed as planned because “Love is Always Lovely” in the end. She reveals to Underling that she is in love with him (“Love is Always Lovely in the End”).

What happens at the end of the drowsy chaperone?

And when he realizes this at the very end, and he sings sadly to himself, ultimately alone in his apartment, his imagined actors turn to him and smile, and welcome him with open arms.

Who is the author of The Drowsy Chaperone?

Such are the antics of The Drowsy Chaperone, a fictitious 1928 musical comedy. This magical piece of meta-theatre and playful, heartfelt parody of the 1920s musical comedy features a chirpy jazz age score by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison, and a lively, clever book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar, both of which were Tony winners in 2006.

Where did The Drowsy Chaperone musical take place?

The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company mounted an independent production of The Drowsy Chaperone directed by Max Reimer, musical-directed by Lloyd Nicholson and choreographed by Dayna Tekatch in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What does The Drowsy Chaperone say to the bride?

After the Chaperone sings what Man In Chair calls “Basically … a rousing anthem about alcoholism”, the Chaperone, claiming “Drowsiness,” sends the wary bride off to find Robert and ask him “the one question upon which [her] future happiness depends: ‘Roger, Do you love me?”

Who are the gangsters in The Drowsy Chaperone?

Broadway Impresario Mr. Feldzeig bemoans his fate to dizzy chorine Kitty: Janet’s getting married is a catastrophic development. Two Gangsters, posing as Damon Runyonesque, Pastry Chefs, put the screws to Feldzieg to keep Janet in “Feldzieg’s Follies,” at the behest of its primary investor — their underworldly Boss.