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Who is Aron Ralston married to?

Who is Aron Ralston married to?

Jessica Trustym. 2009–2012
Aron Ralston/Spouse

Is Aron Ralston’s arm still there?

Rescuers searching for Ralston, alerted by his family that he was missing, had narrowed the search down to Canyonlands and he was picked up by a helicopter in a wide area of the canyon. He was rescued approximately four hours after amputating his arm. His arm was then cremated and the ashes given to Ralston.

Did Aron Ralston really record himself?

To prepare for the role, Franco and the film’s producers were allowed to view the home video footage that Ralston had recorded, and the transcript for the film (at least the scenes where Franco is recording himself) were taken verbatim from Ralston’s own video.

Could Aron Ralston have saved his arm?

Unless Ralston did something drastic, he would not make it out alive. But on his way, while scrambling through a narrow section of the sandstone slot, Ralston dislodged an 800-pound (363-kilogram) chockstone that rolled on its pinch points and pinned his hand and forearm. …

Did Aron Ralston drink his own urine?

Aron Ralston was climbing in Utah’s Blue John Canyon in late April 2003 when his arm became trapped beneath a fallen boulder. Pinned against the mountainside for five days, he survived by drinking his own urine and even videotaped a goodbye message for his family.

What did Aron Ralston use to cut off his arm?

blunt knife
I can use the boulder to break my bones!’ ” It was this moment of high emotion, rather than calm logic, that led to Ralston deliberately snapping the bones in his arm by hurling himself furiously against the boulder, finally enabling him to cut through his limb with a blunt knife.

Why did Aron Ralston break his arm?

In May 2003, American mountain climber Aron Lee Ralston was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself after a boulder trapped his arm.

How Aron Ralston get stuck?

Ralston cut off his forearm to free himself from a dislodged boulder in a Utah canyon in 2003. He was “canyoneering” — making his way down a narrow canyon — at the time. After five days with little food and water, he broke his arm and then amputated it with a knife to escape.

How did Aron Ralston lose his arm?

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