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Who is the lead singer of Eve 6?

Who is the lead singer of Eve 6?

If you don’t know Eve 6, you’re either not a ’90s rock fan or not on Twitter. The band’s 1998 song “Inside Out” — or, as bassist and lead vocalist Max Collins endearingly calls it, “heart in a blender song” — went to No. 1 (and was featured in the film Can’t Hardly Wait).

Where is the band Eve 6 from?

La Crescenta-Montrose, California, United States
Eve 6/Origin

When did Eve 6 Inside Out?

May 1998
“Inside Out” is a song by American alternative rock band Eve 6. The song was released in May 1998 and was the first single from their debut album, Eve 6.

Who is Max Collins married to?

Pancho Magnom. 2017
Max Collins/Spouse
Drama TV star Max Collins is back to work just a little over a year since giving birth to son Skye Anakin with husband and fellow actor Pancho Magno. Her return coincides with her contract renewal as a loyal Kapuso artist of GMA Network, which has been her professional home for the last 10 years.

What genre is eve6?

Eve 6/Genres

Who runs the Eve 6 twitter?

Max Collins
Max Collins, frontman of ’90s favorites Eve 6, has emerged as the anti-Trapt of Twitter. With his tweets, the “Inside Out” singer has been spreading unbridled joy to ’90s kids across the social media platform.

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When was the last show Eve 6 played?

Subsequently announcing their breakup, Eve 6 played their final show together on July 15, 2004 under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Collins had a short lived project called Brotherhood of Lost Dogs. Collins and Fagenson reunited to form a new band called The Sugi Tap.

When did the band Eve 6 break up?

The band then released the more experimental It’s All in Your Head in 2003, featuring top 10 Modern Rock hit “Think Twice”, but parted ways with RCA thereafter. Their rapid rise to prominence at an early age had led to mental and physical exhaustion, and in 2004 Eve 6 announced an indefinite hiatus.

When did Eve 6 release their new album?

Eve 6 released their new album Speak in Code on April 24, 2012, nearly eight years after parting ways in 2004.

Who is the new drummer for Eve 6?

The band announced that they would release Eve 6 on Vinyl on December 9. On April 7, 2018, drummer Tony Fagenson announced his departure from the group. The band then announced new drummer Ben Hilzinger, formerly of Beautiful Ben and the Unmistakeable Stems, on instagram.