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Why is condottieri important?

Why is condottieri important?

The condottieri became very important in the continuous warfare between the Italian states. Some condottieri seized power in cities and established tyrannies, like Francesco Sforza in Milan. The condottieri, who plundered and devastated Italy, contributed to the weakening of the country.

What was the role of the condottieri in fifteenth century Italy?

In fifteenth-century Italy, the condottieri were masterful lords of war; during the wars in Lombardy, Machiavelli observed: The others (those who possessed no state) being bred to arms from their infancy, were acquainted with no other art, and pursued war for emolument, or to confer honor upon themselves.

What is condottieri renaissance?

Condottieri (singular condottiero and condottiere) were the leaders (or warlords) of the professional, military free companies (or mercenaries) contracted by the Italian city-states and the Papacy, from the late Middle Ages and throughout the Renaissance.

Is it true that the British had a large number of Italian mercenaries?

A. False The British had a large number of Italian mercenaries. …

Is Gwent based on Condottiere?

That is, Gwent is but a Condottiere variant and Condottiere a game by Dominique Erhard. Attributing its design to anyone else is unjust and entails the misappropiation of his ideas and work.

What 3 cities were leaders in the Renaissance?

At the time of the Renaissance Italy was governed by a number of powerful city-states. These were some of the largest and richest cities in all of Europe. Some of the more important city-states included Florence, Milan, Venice, Naples, and Rome. What is a city-state?

How is Florence Italy different today than it was during the Renaissance?

In this period, which we call the Early Renaissance, Florence is not a city in the unified country of Italy, as it is now. Instead, Italy was divided into many city-states (Florence, Milan, Venice etc.), each with its own government (some were ruled by despots, and others were republics).

What is the meaning of hireling in English?

: a person who serves for hire especially for purely mercenary motives.

What means acquisitive?

: strongly desirous of acquiring and possessing.